Here’s How to Identify Rice That Contains Plastic

China is the world’s leading producer of rice, with over 200 tons of rice every year. According to a report by Korean Times, however, the rice is very harmful, thanks to the plastic content.

The report claims that Chinese rice companies sell rice made out of potato starch steamed with rice aroma, and plastic. Afterwards, rice is mixed with genuine rice to confuse the consumers.

This prompted investigations geared towards discovering whether these allegations are true. The findings were astounding!

The Chinese rice had as much plastic as a small plastic bag. Fortunately, the two types of rice have some differences that can help you identify the fake one:

Test 1: Water

Take a glass full of water and pour a tablespoon of the rice in it. Organic rice will fall at the bottom.

Test 2: Fire

Light some rice kernels. If they don’t burn, then they’re organic. The opposite will happen for fake rice.

Test 3: Mortar and pestle

Crush a couple of rice grains. While organic rice will become a white powder, artificial rice will have yellow stains.

Test 4: Mold

Cook a little rice in water and then put it in a plastic container. Leave it open in the sun for some day. If you see mold afterwards, then it’s organic.

With these simple and easy tests, you’ll be able to identify fake rice and protect your health from its effects.

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