Here’s How to Grow Ginger in a Container Right at Home (Video)


Ginger is native to India and has been used for centuries across the globe, thanks to its amazing flavor, a wide range of uses and health benefits.

What’s more, you can perfectly grow ginger at home, in a small container. In this way, you’ll have an endless supply of this healthy herb.

How To Grow Ginger at Home

Container Selection and Sprouting

A flat, wide container is ideal for this purpose since ginger roots grow horizontally. Consider buying your ginger plants from reputable nurseries and online gardening sources to ensure that you get the healthiest plants.

It’s not advisable to buy from local groceries as the plants may have been coated with growth inhibitors or treated with pesticides.

You should soak your bought roots for a whole day before planting them. Make sure the container is filled with well-drained soil.

Cut the ginger knob into thin pieces. Afterwards, place the knobs with “eyes” on them into the soil. The eyes should face up. Cover them with 1.5 inches of soil.


The ginger needs to be watered well in the early stages. It will sprout after a couple of weeks.

Consider keeping the container outside during warm weather. Keep it inside the house during cold weather, lest it gets damaged by frost. Never expose it to direct sunlight.

Your plant should mature after 8 months. Then, you need to separate the rhizomes. Simply pull off some part of it. To transplant the rhizome, you can set it into a fresh container of soil.


While ginger matures after 8 months, you can still start to harvest if after 3-4 months. The rhizome is the edible part. Before consumption, you should clean it well, remove the skin, grate it or slice it, and add it to your meals.

You can also dry the thin ginger slices in an oven or sun and store the dried ginger in plastic bags for future use.

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