Best Exercise That Lasts Only a Minute and Back Pain Disappears As If By Magic! (Video)

Sciatica pain comes with too much discomfort and it can inhibit you from accomplishing even the easiest of everyday tasks.

It affects the back, buttocks, and the legs.

It is normally manifested by the following symptoms:

  • Pain, which becomes intense while sitting
  • A tingling or burning sensation in the leg
  • Excruciating  pain in one leg or one side of the buttock
  • Piercing pain that  causes difficulties standing and walking
  • Numbness, Weakness, or difficulty moving the leg or foot

Sciatica is mainly caused by a compression or irritation of the lumbar spine.

It can also be a result of lumbar spine herniation – a section of the spine bending inward, close to the lower-middle back.

The following video presents you an effective way to relieve sciatica pain through a regular 1-minute exercise:

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