5 Strong Reasons To Eat More Dates

Dates are also beneficial for preventing anemia, regulating cholesterol levels, and preventing cancer. However, here are the 5 most significant benefits of dates, which are the main reasons to increase your consumption of them.

Avert diarrhea

Dates have a high content of calcium. This mineral can enhance your digestion and stop diarrhea. Likewise, they’re beneficial for protecting the gut flora as well as improving the production of healthy gut bacteria.

Beneficial for the  eyes

Dates are packed with zeaxanthin and lutein. These potent antioxidants are beneficial for your eye health. They can promote good eyesight and avert macular degeneration.

A rich source of iron

100 grams of dates contain about 0.9 grams of iron. This is close to 11% of the daily recommended iron intake. Hence, dates are ideal for anemia patients. It’s also worth noting that Iron is essential for the supply of oxygen to the body cells.

Treat constipation

Being a mild laxative, dates are effective in treating issues such as constipation. Simply soak some dates in a glass of water overnight. Eat them in the morning to effectively solve digestive issues.

Safe delivery

A study conducted at the Jordan University of Science and Technology showed that consuming dates every day can ease the pain and bleeding during delivery. Hence,  pregnant women should eat plenty of dates. Dates can also avert the postpartum depression and increase production breastmilk.

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